About Lena


Lena Kasparian is just like many women, A 32 year old mother of two children aged two and five, living with a new partner in a western suburb of Sydney.

Like many other vulnerable women Lena was in a relationship with the wrong kind of man. loving someone who was verbally abusive, and had an on-going problem with drinking and drugs.

The neighbours heard the arguments and the shouting and, for whatever reason, chose not to get involved, to interfere. What could they ‘do’?

Caught between wanting to care for her children, be independent and to be loved, Lena was stuck in a volatile, abusive relationship. One night the violence became physical. 5 days later her partner’s life support was switched off.

So, how does any woman ‘end up’ in this situation? Why didn’t she just leave, why didn’t a neighbour, member of the family, someone see or help?

14mm is Lena’s story, a raw and brutally honest account of her life, the decisions she made and choices she did not; of cultural and familial pressures; of toughness and fragility; of ego and compliance.

It’s also the story of survival, and a true testament of bravery, one of the few in the area of domestic violence. Yet, her survival was portrayed in the media as something un-natural. It’s the women who end up dead . . . not the man.

Most importantly, it's a story of courage, determination and hope.

And, it’s a story that could happen to anyone, anywhere, and is happening right now.