About the Book


14mm is the measurement that changed Lena’s life forever. It was the size of the incision caused by the kitchen knife she held tightly and went into her partner’s chest as he moved forward to hit her again while he shouted ‘Go on, do it, stab me!’

It is also the measurement that has defined her life. Kasparian knows, only too well how your life can change in an instant and this knowledge is driving her to succeed in her chosen field, she is a fighter with the strength and courage of a warrior, and she uses her passion towards her career as an incredible entrepreneur and international fashion designer.

14mm is a 256-page book that takes you the reader, on an intimate journey through Lena’s life, from growing up in Western Sydney, through to living in London working with Cartier and then back home. 

Lena recounts the challenges of her marriage and divorce, living as a single mum, forming a new relationship that became a roller coaster of love and abuse.

Charged with murder, tried in the NSW Supreme Court and acquitted in just three days, Lena experienced the best and worst of the treatment of domestic violence victims. 

Seven years on Lena has rebuilt her life, established a successful fashion label and is determined to create a successful, positive and caring future for her children.

Kasparian tells it like it is in a direct, brutally honest and in sometimes challenging detail.